Preparing for Bad Weather

    For those that drive cars, you have no idea how lucky you are. When it rains, you’re protected. You’re warm, dry and comfortable.

I can’t say the same once you open the door. In that case, maybe you should bring an umbrella with you.

For cyclist, we depend on the weather to be clear with little chance for rain. It doesn’t work in our favor 60% of the time.

Sometimes mother nature decides to wreak havoc and rain all over us.

Then we either have two choices: 1.) Bike like hell and go home. 2.) Find the nearest shelter to take cover.

I don’t always have that luxury. Or I’m flat-out stubborn and try to make my way home.

When I do come home, I’m soaking wet. I put all my clothes (and shoes) in the washing machine and dry them in the dryer.

It’s annoying, but you can’t change mother nature. She has a mind of her own.

What about a backpack, Josh?

Most cyclist carry a backpack with them. Or they have bags clipped to the sides of their bicycle.

In most cases, they don’t carry waterproof backpacks.

I used to carry a regular backpack. I shelled out the money for a waterproof one to protect my devices. It was expensive, but it is a life-saver.

Well, look at Mr. Moneybags. What if we can’t afford a waterproof backpack?

For those that don’t have a waterproof backpack, you should be prepared on days where you think it may rain.

If you plan on bringing your phone, put it in a zip lock bag. After you seal it, put it in another zip lock bag to protect it from any moisture.

What if I listen to music?

Cyclist don’t use wired headphones. That should be banned. It’s an abomination. People who use wired headphones when doing ANY sort of workout needs to seriously consider their headphone choices.

We use Bluetooth headphones. I would invest in a set of waterproof Bluetooth headphones. Amazon regularly has a few on sale from time to time.

Should I pack clothes?

Yes. Bring a change of clothes and a backup pair of shoes. As always, put them in a grocery bag, and double wrap it because mother nature hates us.

What if I don’t want to bike in the rain?

I totally understand. However, if you don’t want to use public transportation or hail an Uber, this is the only choice you’ve got. Either call in or bike as fast as you can to your destination.

Ok. I get you. I bike in the rain. I wear glasses, so…

Get goggles. Any goggles will work. Get the goggles wet and protect your glasses. That’s what I do. Heck, it works for windy conditions too. My eyes water like crazy when it’s windy, so a pair of goggles blocks most of the wind.

So, what did we learn today? If it rains, you better be prepared. Or you’ll be one ticked-off cyclist.


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