Far From Home?

I’ve been biking every day for a year. My routes haven’t changed much. I bike farther than I did before, but it’s not enough. 
I could Google bicycle trails and bike on those. What’s keeping me back is some of these tend to be a good distance from my home, or they lead into sketchy areas.
I developed my current bike trail with this in mind. The neighborhoods I bike through aren’t bad at all. And it’s still close to my apartment. 
Don’t get me wrong, I plan on biking a few trails this summer. Some of them are longer than my usual routes. 
I’m not one to quit when it comes to biking. Once I’m on the seat, I only have one thing in my mind: Home.
I have a one-track mind. I set an end-point, a goal, and I reach it. I don’t like to venture and get lost. I plan, log my path, and bike through it. 
To get over the whole “far from home” deal, I could start small. Instead of picking a long trail in St. Louis, I could pick something small like the River Des Peres Greenway Trail. It’s only five miles. That I could handle. 
And if I take the trail back, it’s an extra five miles. That’s 10 miles. Almost close to my biking path to school which is 10.7 miles.
I don’t know why I have a problem with venturing out of my comfort range. 
I have a phone that can give me directions. I carry a water bottle, a book bag and a backup battery pack for my phone. It’s not like I’m doomed. 
What’s the problem?
I don’t want to get shot. That’s part of the reason. It’s weird. I feel safer in Chicago than I do in St. Louis. Maybe I’m not in Chicago enough to see what it’s like there.
I can’t figure out the other reason. 

To remedy this, I’ll have to suck it up and step out of my comfort zone. I’ll be fine. Maybe I’ll get a biking buddy to motivate me. 
Who knows, maybe I’ll race with them. The more I exercise, the better. Am I right?


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